The implementation of this project will allow the design and integrated validation of a new set of products, able to become part and give services within the future 5G networks, collecting efforts from different technology companies in the telecommunications segment, addressing both B2B and B2C models.


These products cover all functional domains of 5G networks, reflecting in their organization this structure of domains: access, core and vertical sectors (differentiated by machine-to-machine and human communications).


The project lasts 36 months, from Jan 2018 to Dec of 2020, and is thus aligned with the 5G calendar.




New Products and Services


Working Lines


€M of Total Budget




The project has the participation of ten industrial entities with activity in the telecommunication sector, which bring the particular and complementary skills required for the development of the activities and tasks necessary to obtain the desired solutions, covering all the functional domains of the 5G networks: access, core and vertical sectors.

The project also counts on the collaboration of four entities of the national scientific and technological system, with wide experience in the TICE sector and applied research projects, contributing with the required knowledge and technical-scientific experience that fully guarantee the success of basic research phase.

In addition, and reinforcing the value chain, other national entities external to the project (Advisory Board) expressed their interest in monitoring its execution, allowing to extend the impact of the project results beyond the consortium.

All promoters are active agents in researching themes related to 5G, through other instruments such as the participation in EC funded H2020 projects, and via the participation in standardization bodies (such as 3GPP and ETSI). In this way, the promoters get a clear perception of the positioning of their work in the international context.